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Run Around the World

30th Jun 2024 - 31st Jul 2024

The premise really is that simple: Pick a team to join and help them to run as far around the world as you can. Safe in the knowledge that every step you take is directly helping those experiencing mental health issues.

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Marathon in a Day

23rd Sep 2021 - 27th Sep 2021

You have 24 hours to run 26,2 miles either on your own or as part of a team. You can take as many breaks as you like, split up the distance in any way that you like as long as you cover the total distance in the 24 hour time period, then really anything goes!

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Run Up to Christmas

1st Dec 2024 - 25th Dec 2024

You have from the 1st December up to (and including) Christmas day to run as many miles as you want, or even better as you can. We have lots of milestones to reach, and you can do it on your own or with your best running buddies as part of a team!

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Partner with us and use our platform.

Whether you're a charity looking to fundraise, an event wanting a virtual element or in need of an engaging corporate event, Run Things can help.

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  • The RU2C and Marathon in a Day events are a fabulous way of bringing people together from the running community to raise miles, money and awareness for mental health. Keep up the good works Clare and Kev

    Carmen To

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