Who are Run Things?

About us

Hi, we’re Kev and Clare/Clare and Kev. We’re the folks who run, er, Run Things. Apparently, we need to tell you a little about ourselves so here we go…

We got into this accidentally – entirely through passion and enthusiasm. And along the way, we gained enough skills to do it properly. Run Things is unapologetically different. We’re for ALL runners (and those aspiring to run) and we’re all about participation, fun, interaction and support. EVERYONE is welcome at Run Things.

We absolutely love running and we live to see the change it makes to people’s lives. We both found running for the same reasons – it helps our brains in so many ways; it’s our therapy. From a one-off virtual run (our baby, the Marathon In A Day) came more quirky runs – we realised that we had something there and what drove those events to be successful was the relationship we built with our runners and, more importantly, the relationships the runners built with each other. And so here we are…

Run Things is more than a job for us. It’s about people and it’s about promoting brilliant mental and physical health. It’s why we are unapologetically different in our approach. We’re weird, but good weird.

We have some simple promises

• We will always go above and beyond for you (you’re not customers, you’re more important than that)
• We will always offer you something different
• We will always be fun, inclusive, encouraging and supportive
• A minimum of 50% of the profits from our events, will ALWAYS be donated to charities who support, develop and benefit the mental and physical wellbeing of the public

About Kevin


Kev’s a personal trainer. He doesn’t know why he’s writing this in the third person because it’s actually him typing so... Hi, I’m Kev. I’m a personal trainer and I specialise in endurance events and goal setting – I’m one of few who isn’t all about getting the muscles and posting them on Instagram. I don’t even have Instagram.

Anyway, Running became my thing in 2003 when I lost my dad to depression. It had a huge impact on me and I started jogging a bit to lose some weight (Fresher’s fat at uni!). I realised soon after that it was much more than that – it started to shape who I was and became something I could really challenge myself with. I’ve run quite a lot of marathons, including 52 in one year. I also ran from Paris to London (stupid idea). I’m the ideas man in this partnership. I bring zero technical skills but I can think of good event ideas.

About Clare


Clare isn’t a personal trainer. But she’s definitely a runner. We met a few years ago when Clare was running the Brighton Marathon for Mind. We both lived in the same town so she asked me for personal training and I haven’t been able to shake her since.

She’s the one in this partnership who doesn’t listen. She does too many runs when injured, doesn’t go slowly when I tell her to and knocks out PB after PB when really she should be recovering. She runs because she can: because she wants to and because she knows that when she’s out of that door, the world is all hers to take in. She’s had her challenges and running rationalises them. It’s an escape for her that channels her energy and focuses her mind. Like me, it’s her therapy – she turns to it when other stuff just ain’t good. She’s the technical one in this partnership. She breaks the website sometimes, does all the work in the background and lets Kev take the credit for doing next to nothing.

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