Run Around the World

30th Jun 2021 - 31st Jul 2021

£16 Adult£9 Child


The premise really is that simple: Pick a team to join and help them to run as far around the world as you can. Safe in the knowledge that every step you take is directly helping those experiencing mental health issues.

What's in it for you?

Event medal

Event medal

Community fun

Community fun



Mental health

Mental health

Entry opens 30th Apr 2022

About the event

Here's how it works:

  • Pick a team: North, South, East, West or The Nomads and register yourself (and your friends/clubmates)
  • The distance around the world is 40,075km. Your virtual team will cover as much of this distance as possible in one month
  • Your contribution is as much or as little as you can muster – this run is available to everyone, regardless of pace or fitness
  • Your Run Things account can be linked to Strava. If you don't have Strava, you can manually upload your activities.
  • Throughout the month, you’ll be able to see how far you and your teammates have run.
  • Kids entries available, too - they won't need an account area and we don't track their distances. They'll get a medal sent, just so long as you keep them active.


This is Clare. Clare loves marathons. Clare loves the south. Clare goes out and runs all her marathon training miles in July and adds them to the #TEAMSOUTH total. She posts all about on instagram and has a blast in the summer sun.

This is Kev. Kev is one busy guy, he wants to get his running mojo back but rarely has the time. Kev joins #TEAMEAST and follows them on twitter and facebook. The motivation gets him to his local parkrun every week for the whole of July. Go Kev. Kev loves his new running routine and gets a bit of awesome bling in the post for his part in getting the team across the line! (the line being the globe, so not a line at
all more of a sphere).

This is Lois. Lois joins #TEAMWEST and just happens to be taking part in the Race to the Stones in July, that’s 100km she’s just bagged for her team, after that Lois puts her feet up for the rest of the month.
(quite right too)! Lois gets a medal and makes lots of new friends and feels flipping proud of her self for not only running 100km but also raising money for Mind.

The Run Things run club join up to #TEAMNORTH, they each individually track their club runs and add them to the final #TEAMNORTH total, getting team north round the globe first! Just kidding we really really don’t know who is going to win. They all get medals, they all have fun and have a little mini competition going against each other at the club!

  • In the summer I was at a loss for a new running challenge. I was fortunate enough to give Run Around the World a go which made every run part of the team challenge. I was part of a virtual team, which felt part of me even though I was mainly running on my own. The whole experience was so enjoyable and helped me rediscover my running mojo! Thank you Clare and Kevin for putting so much time into making the event so much fun.

    David Guiel

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