Race Around Scotland

17th Sep 2023 - 17th Oct 2023

£18 Adult£10 Child


Pick a clan to join and help them race as far around Scotland as you can. Safe in the knowledge that every step you take is directly supporting the Dalry Primary School culturally appropriate foodbank.

What's in it for you?






About the event

Race around Scotland is a virtual event – so you can take part from anywhere, in whatever way you want. We want to get as many of you up and out as we can, and we want to support you every step of the way. We want to see which team can get the furthest around the coast of Mainland Scotland - that's a whopping 6,160 miles (9914km).

When you join your team, you'll all contribute whatever you can by walking, running, cycling and swimming from 18th September to 18th October. The Run Things system is very clever and you can either link your Strava to it, or you can manually upload your activities as you go along.

You can enter as an individual, or you can create a team and get your friends and family involved. Please note, if you purchase childrens entries, they will not have an account area and will be sent a medal regardless - they do not need to submit their activities individually and instead parents and carers should do this in their account.

When you join the race, you'll support and celebrate our ethnically diverse school community.The Dalry Primary School Parent and Carers Council Virtual Race around Scotland aims to raise much needed funds to continue the operation of our culturally appropriate food bank.

What is a culturally appropriate food bank?
When we ran a traditional foodbank, supplying food stuff for parents, many items were politely returned for other families to use as they were not culturally appropriate. This led to our current model: Parents/Carers are able to access a cash amount of £25 in an envelope which they use to purchase foods. When those in receipt of the cash have finished shopping, receipts are provided back to the staff team for due diligence. Operated confidentially our foodbank maintains the privacy and dignity of families and children experiencing poverty.

We are a multi-cultural school and our local area is well served by stores that cater to the diets of the members of our school community. These shops include Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, African, Eastern and Central European stores as well as several stores which supply halal meat. This allows our diverse school population a dignified shopping experience where they can choose foods which are part of their cultural diet.

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