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15th Mar 2021

Run Things update - new charity partner announced

A couple of months ago, Clare and I had a discussion about the future of Run Things – our accidental baby that has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity whilst keeping about 8,000 different people active in some way, shape or form in the last few years. We wanted to create something sustainable, engaging and unapologetically different. More than that, we wanted to grow old being able to brag that we did something really good that helped lots of people.

We made the decision that we wanted to diversify and support two charities instead of one and so we put the feelers out to our supporters to see if they knew of a worthy cause who might want to work with us. We chatted for ages about who our dream charity would be, and cheesy as it sounds, one of the first things Clare said was “wouldn’t it be cool if it were someone like GoodGym?”. Well it only blimmin’ well IS GoodGym!!!

They gave us a shout, we talked how we work, how they work and how ‘we’ might work together. We had some brilliant chats about what makes GoodGym tick, how they came to being a thing, how we came about and how important running and exercise are for our wellbeing. Honestly, we’re sickeningly similar in our outlooks and intentions! We both use exercise to promote helping people; whether that’s ourselves or other people.

We’re particularly excited to not only raise much needed money for GoodGym to continue to do their awesome work, but to be working closely with them on some initiatives and events to raise awareness of what we both do. We hope that you guys agree that this is a marriage made in heaven and you’ll continue to support the work we do, but also check out what GoodGym do and support them, too!

From Ivo Gormley, CEO of GoodGym:

"2020 has been a year in which running has become more important than ever to so many of us. Run Things has enabled people to feel that sense of togetherness even when they're on other sides of the country, or even planet. GoodGym is all about bringing people together and we're extremely grateful to Run Things for their support. Not only are Clare and Kev helping people keep motivated through their events but they are demonstrating their commitment to communities around the UK by generously supporting our work. We're looking forward to working and running with them over the next few years to help create happier, healthier and better connected cities."

From Kev Betts, Director of Run Things:

For us, it's a simple equation: GoodGym + Run Things = Good Things! We're really proud to be supporting such a brilliant charity!"

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